Spacexula to the rescue!

This poor guy gal known as “noobcake” had gotten so frustrated with his her MakerBot CupCake CNC that he she was getting ready to either strip it for parts to start work on a RepRap or just sell the entire thing on eBay at a loss.  It read like most of his her problems were coming from improper Skeinforge calibration.  Anyhow, that made me very sad.

And then I scrolled down.  Spacexula helped noobcake get his her Skeinforge calibrated and MakerBot printing reliably.  That’s really really fantastic, man.  Kudos.

Edit:  Apparently I have as much difficulty telling girls from guys online as in real life.  Sorry noobcake.  My bad.

8 Responses to “Spacexula to the rescue!”

  1. Dave says:

    Yay! I saw noobs posting in the makerbot google group and he wasn’t sounding very happy..

    Check out his ‘woodstruder’ at !

  2. Spacexula says:

    noobcake is a female. And her issue was mostly a misunderstanding of skeinforege. Just took a few hours. Thanks for the call out!

  3. MakerBlock says:

    @Dave: Yeah – her posts made me really sad. It’s hard to imagine someone being dissatisfied with their MakerBot, especially once it has been assembled! Hoo boy. I saw the woodstruder. And the Play-doh-struder. If you have an operational bot, why would you build a woodstruder?

  4. MakerBlock says:

    @Spacexula: A few hours or not – the fact remains this is the BEST customer service for a product EVER. “Oh, what, it’s not working? Pssh. No problem. There’s someone in your area who would love to help you out. Oh? They’re not in your area? No problem. Give me your number and they’ll call you and stay on the line until you are all squared away.”

  5. Dave says:

    Didn’t see that she was having problems with skeinforge – the message I saw was about paxtruder vs printruder and how she’d rebuilt her plastruder a bunch of times and had cracked some of the arcylic. I think that’s what inspired the woodstruder.

    It soooo easy to fall into the trap of finishing the assembly of the machine and assume it will all just work. It’s great that Spacexula & others are around to help the frustrated newbies..

    I know I was ready to sell/scrap/return my cupcake for the first couple weeks after I had it put together. It was Rick at makergear who finally figured out (then beat into my head) that my idler was just a bit too tight… LOL.. All that frustration and it turned out to be an easy fix..

  6. MakerBlock says:

    @Dave: It is, indeed, a really fantastic community. Spacexula, Rick, and countless others were absolutely instrumental in helping me get my MakerBot online. Also, I’m very proud to say that I got it printing JUST before 1/1/2010. I was working on it furiously on New Year’s Eve and finally got it printing at about 9pm or so.

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