New Design: Dalek Cookie Cutter

I’ve uploaded my designs for a Dalek cookie cutter to Thingiverse.

I don’t even eat that many cookies.  It’s just that these are just fun to design.  I realize there’s an SCAD Thing on Thingiverse for creating cookie cutters.  However, I’m just not familiar with SCAD and Sketchup with a few key STL plugins is SOOO easy to use.

My design process is essentially:

  1. Draw silhouette of object in Sketchup
  2. Use the “Offset” feature to create an outline of the object around the flat silhouette of the object
  3. Delete the interior outline
  4. Use the “Push/Pull” feature to raise the outline to about 2cm
  5. Export as an STL
  6. Run through NetFabb STL automatic repair
  7. Upload to Thingiverse with a witty description
  8. Write a blog post about it

I’ve posted a few times about useful Sketchup plugins, so if you’re getting started with Sketchup and MakerBot that’s a good place to start.

3 Responses to “New Design: Dalek Cookie Cutter”

  1. […] that I’ve got the process for creating a cookie cutter design file, it goes pretty quickly.  Unlike several of recent designs (Dalek, sonic screwdriver, etc), this […]

  2. virginia says:

    I’m interested in turning my line art into cookie cutters. Is this something you could do?

  3. MakerBlock says:

    @Virginia: I’m sorry, I haven’t done this in a few years.