Blame Cyrozap

Cyrozap‘s recent vociferous comments about truncated feeds were basically on point.

He noticed that I had recently changed my RSS feed settings to serve up truncated posts, rather than full content.  I made this change in mostly because I was tired of dealing with content theft.  However, I’m reasonably sure this will probably not be an issue any longer. While the points made by those articles are certainly valid, I would point out that it is far easier to steal content from an RSS feed than it is to write a content scraper.  Having written both, once upon a time, I can attest to this from experience.  Truncated feeds may not be a deterrent to all – but it will deter those who are just using a WordPress plugin to suck down RSS content.

In any case, I left the RSS feed settings as they were – due to inertia and because I assumed no one would really notice.  But, since I haven’t had to deal with stolen content in a little while and at least one person prefers un-truncated feeds…  the long rambling RSS posts are back!

If you find my rambling babbling showing up in your RSS feed, well, you have Cryozap Cyrozap to thank.  :)

Update:  Cyrozap – sory fore mispellnig yoru mane.

4 Responses to “Blame Cyrozap”

  1. Schmarty says:

    I, for one, appreciate the full-on, long-winded content in the RSS feeds. Since I’m determined to read it all, anyway, i much prefer reading the whole thing in Google Reader to clicking through.

    Trite, I know. :)

  2. MakerBlock says:

    Then, Schmarty, it’s on your head too!
    Comments, praise, and kudos to and all complaints to Cryozap Cyrozap and Schmarty. :)

    Nah, it’s not trite. I don’t blame you for wanting to read in an RSS aggregator – I do the same thing.

  3. Cameron says:

    I too appreciate the full RSS feeds. I follow a pile of RepRap-related feeds, and it’s nice to be able to read them entirely in Reader.

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