A MakerBot Cart – like this!

Now, THIS is a MakerBot Cart

Now, THIS is a MakerBot Cart

This is a picture of Mattpr’s setup. 1  This is an incredibly great setup for a MakerBot Cart.  Indeed, it’s the sort of thing I dream about.

FYI, Matt – it took me longer than I care to admit to get your “my all Rush mix tape” joke.  Me, a guy who named his MakerBot “Bender.”  I may have to bite my own shiny metal ass.2

  1. Dude – you’ve got an all rights reserved license on your Flickr page.  If you wish, I’ll take out the picture – just let me know. []
  2. Interesting side note about my ‘bot in case anyone is keeping score at home – I painted the underside of my MakerBot silver.  This way it has a shiny metal assplate. []

5 Responses to “A MakerBot Cart – like this!”

  1. Jef Geskens says:

    You can buy it from IKEA:


    I have one in my kitchen :-)

  2. MakerBlock says:

    @Jef: Actually, I have the same one too! I used to use it as a microwave cart, now as a nightstand. :) However, I like his repurposing of it. I suspect it would also work better than the plastic cart I dreamed about – better able to accommodate a square cutout for raising/lowering the robot.

  3. Matt says:

    Hah, never expected such fanfare. It’s a pretty good setup, allows for easy access to all sides. (Also allows you to wheel it out of the room if you get noise complaints)

    I’ve since bolted an extension cord spool to the back to hold filament, but winding it on is a huge pain. I will probably end up building a makerbot style horizontal spool to sit on one of the shelves.

  4. MakerBlock says:

    @Matt: It’s a great setup! Bolting the extension cord is a great idea too. Does it have it’s own dedicated laptop?

  5. | MakerBlock says:

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