New Design: Sonic Screwdriver

Those of you who are not fans of Doctor Who may want to just skip this post.

In any case, what I’d really like to do is to design and print a life-size model of a sonic screwdriver.  Ideally it would have a spot for inserting an LED, space for a battery, switch, and be able to extend just as the one in the TV show.

Until then, here’s a sonic screwdriver cookie cutter.

A MakerBot printed 3x2x1 Rubik’s Cube!

Lotu's print of the 3x2x1 Simplified Rubik's Cube

Lotu's print of the 3x2x1 Simplified Rubik's Cube

SWEET.  I’ve been so busy of late123 that I haven’t even been able to print several of the things I’ve uploaded. I’ve uploaded several cookie cutters, with another sitting on my hard drive and one more knocking about in my head keeping the cobwebs company.  I’ve also uploaded my variation on a simplified Rubik’s cube.

Well, someone printed it!  It looks AMAZING!  I wonder if it works properly?  I slapped the design together rather hastily after getting frustrated with my MakerBot failing to print TomZ’s 1x2x3 Rubik’s cube.4

I can’t wait to either get some feedback from Lotu (who printed it) or print up one of my own so I can improve on the design.  I’d really like to make a version that is 100% printed – with a snap joint in the middle rather than a nut/bolt system.  If I go down that route, I was thinking about incorporating what I learned from the fantastic Becco blocks connection system by r3becca.

If you print one of these, please answer the following questions:

  1. Which STL did you use?  The one with all 6 pieces or the one with 3?  Would you prefer printing the pieces one at a time?
  2. How well did they fit together?  Are they very snug?  Too loose?
  3. How well does the nut/bolt work?
  4. Did you have to adjust your Skeinforge settings at all?  Why?  How?
  5. Do you have giant hex wrenches like Lotu does?
  1. Mostly writing nonsense. []
  2. Which is particularly funny since my day job consists almost entirely of writing. []
  3. Which is even funnier when you consider that you can tell I’m doing a particularly good job when my writing is completely incomprehensible. []
  4. Did you catch how I swapped all the numbers around to differentiate my derivative?  I thought that was pretty clever… []
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Blame Cyrozap

Cyrozap‘s recent vociferous comments about truncated feeds were basically on point.

He noticed that I had recently changed my RSS feed settings to serve up truncated posts, rather than full content.  I made this change in mostly because I was tired of dealing with content theft.  However, I’m reasonably sure this will probably not be an issue any longer. While the points made by those articles are certainly valid, I would point out that it is far easier to steal content from an RSS feed than it is to write a content scraper.  Having written both, once upon a time, I can attest to this from experience.  Truncated feeds may not be a deterrent to all – but it will deter those who are just using a WordPress plugin to suck down RSS content.

In any case, I left the RSS feed settings as they were – due to inertia and because I assumed no one would really notice.  But, since I haven’t had to deal with stolen content in a little while and at least one person prefers un-truncated feeds…  the long rambling RSS posts are back!

If you find my rambling babbling showing up in your RSS feed, well, you have Cryozap Cyrozap to thank.  :)

Update:  Cyrozap – sory fore mispellnig yoru mane.

Did you think this too?

I just read Nophead’s post about his Mendel making its 18th child.

First off, that’s an incredible feat.  Even under the best circumstances, the print time and amount of human intervention required of a Mendel as it builds the parts for replication is still considerable.  Eighteen more RepRaps in the world because of his hard work and determination.

Reading about his RepRap working on it’s 18th child, I just couldn’t help thinking about the Duggars.

New Design: Dalek Cookie Cutter

I’ve uploaded my designs for a Dalek cookie cutter to Thingiverse.

I don’t even eat that many cookies.  It’s just that these are just fun to design.  I realize there’s an SCAD Thing on Thingiverse for creating cookie cutters.  However, I’m just not familiar with SCAD and Sketchup with a few key STL plugins is SOOO easy to use.

My design process is essentially:

  1. Draw silhouette of object in Sketchup
  2. Use the “Offset” feature to create an outline of the object around the flat silhouette of the object
  3. Delete the interior outline
  4. Use the “Push/Pull” feature to raise the outline to about 2cm
  5. Export as an STL
  6. Run through NetFabb STL automatic repair
  7. Upload to Thingiverse with a witty description
  8. Write a blog post about it

I’ve posted a few times about useful Sketchup plugins, so if you’re getting started with Sketchup and MakerBot that’s a good place to start.