Printed Dinos!

Don’t get me wrong – I like the acrylic dinos I have.  But what if you want to replace yours with a printed set?  Or what if you want to print up a full extruder kit for a friend?  Well, now you can!  I just uploaded some designs for a printed set of dinos.  Depending upon your batch you may have Big/Little dinos or Weird/Big dinos.  These should work in place of either, assuming that the placement of the bolt holes in the Z stage haven’t changed. 1

I’ve uploaded the sketchup files to make it easy to play with the designs.  As I was mocking these up I was tempted to turn them into bunnies instead of dinos.  Or to give the dinos some more features.  Since I was so torn about which route to take I decided to upload the bland models and let others embellish if they want.

So, print up printstruder and a few dinos for an authentic fully printed printruder.

Update:  Try out Zaggo’s printed dinos instead.  His is a much cleaner more elegant design.

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  1. […] I had tried my hand at printable dinos, but I’m not in Zaggo’s league.  While my designs were for printable dinos that could be as a single piece each, his are clearly more elegant and use much less […]