Printing between prints

Sometimes after I finish a print I know I’m going to print something else in a few minutes.  In those cases I want to keep the heater warm rather than waiting to cool it down, warm it back up, and then start printing.  Here’s my new idea – I use the in between print time to print something quick, simple, useful, and relatively worry-free.

Insulator retainer rings.  I’m guessing you just can’t have too many of these.  As suggested by Cathal Garvey, this should be a high priority print.

2 Responses to “Printing between prints”

  1. Rick says:

    You could just leave the heater on between prints :)

  2. MakerBlock says:

    I *could* do that… but it’s also easy enough to crank out these little parts while I fiddling with a model.
    Plus, the last time I just left the heater on between prints the thermistor flashed/sparked and stopped working. :/
    I figure productivity is the better part of cowardice. ;)