New Print: Zaggo’s Treasure Chest

Treasure Chest Open

Treasure Chest Open

It’s hard to pick a favorite design from Zaggo.  Some are fantastic upgrades – such as the Z axis crank.  Some are functional – such as his whistle.  But, his treasure chest is a special case.  This design contains two parts which are printed simultaneously – with the hinged lid being printed with the pins inside the hinge.  Just print, pop the lid off of its support pieces, and close the model.

One truly amazing thing about Zaggo’s models are his gcode files.  A gcode file is created when you take the digital image file as an STL (which basically describes the exterior volumes of the model) and feed it into Skeinforge (which creates instructions for the printer to operate the extruder and move the 3 axes).

Although Skeinforge settings are typically considered to be unique to a ‘bot, everything I’ve ever printed using Zaggo’s gcodes has turned out perfectly.

Treasure Chest Closed

Treasure Chest Clos

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